Learning Experience Design

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Effective training boosts job satisfaction and helps organizations retain good employees. But many organizations struggle to provide effective training for their employees due to a lack of time, product development expertise, and learning design know-how.

CIMES understands the time, budget, and manpower challenges you face and has the expertise to be a true partner in developing performance-focused training. We design training that meets your organization’s evolving needs and leverages any past investments you have made in training.

Our design-thinking approach puts the focus on the learner, helping us ask the right questions so we can help you achieve the best outcomes.

Learning Experience Design

Our learning experience designers select instructional strategies to fit the knowledge and skills you have targeted and the specific needs of your training audiences. We recommend approaches based on proven effectiveness, while taking your organizational objectives and culture into account.

We use needs analysis and well-established research methods to identify the knowledge and skills to be targeted during training. These findings shape the learning design solutions we create for you.

How do your programs measure up? We tailor program evaluation to your needs—whether that means developmental evaluation to define and grow new social innovations or long-term evaluation to generate rich training data. We help you understand your programs so you can transform them for better outcomes.

We begin with a proven assessment framework that uses performance goals to determine desired competencies, followed by the identification of measurable performance outcomes. We work with you to develop rubrics your trainers and managers can use to evaluate performance and provide meaningful feedback to employees.

Our learning scientists apply knowledge about how people learn to the design of learning environments and instructional materials. This interdisciplinary approach combines findings from neuroscience, cognitive science, instructional design, data analytics, psychology, and education.

Our team designs and develops training in multiple formats—interactive Web-based modules, job aids, videos, webinars, podcasts, online help systems, social networking, and learning management systems. This integrated approach allows us to meet the needs of learners with diverse learning preferences.


Let us transform your need into a customized solution.

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