Recall Audit Checks: FDA Form 3177 Training

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services conducts recall audit checks in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure that food and product recalls have been appropriately carried out. The results of these checks are reported on FDA Form 3177. However, because inspectors are seldom required to conduct recall audit checks or use this form, up-front training related to this task is not reinforced by experience and thus may not be retained by the inspectors. The department needed new training that could be delivered precisely when it was needed—that is, when an inspector was about to be called upon to perform a recall audit check.


The sponsor needed just-in-time training that was thorough and scenario-based and that provided opportunities for inspectors to practice in simulated real-world situations.


CIMES developed web-based training for delivery in a just-in-time manner. The scenario-based training uses an approach that helps learners grasp concepts quickly and effectively. The module provides a complete demonstration of how to conduct a recall audit check and report results on FDA Form 3177 and then allows learners to participate in a simulation that assesses their learning. This enables food inspectors to quickly learn or re-familiarize themselves with this essential, but seldom-required, job task. Developed in conjunction with the Florida Integrated Rapid Response team, this training will be used at a national level by several FDA partners.



  • Recall Audit Check: FDA Form 3177 web-based training


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