Roadway Characteristics Inventory Training

The Transportation Statistics Office provides training for district data collection technicians in both office- and field-based Roadway Characteristics Inventory methods. In the face of budgetary constraints, TranStat was exploring ways to reduce training costs related to travel, materials, planning, and scheduling. This would likely entail more effective use of technology, a web-based delivery method, and a more streamlined curriculum based directly on work-related competencies.


A researched-based competency model was needed to guide the design of the new training curriculum and the web-based training. Creating the field-based component as online training was another design challenge.


CIMES conducted competency research using job and task analyses, field observations, in-depth interviews, virtual focus groups, and surveys. CIMES then developed a curriculum that is built around work scenarios and uses virtual mentors to guide trainees through various tasks. Trainees "travel" down virtual roadways while examining and collecting data. They use virtual forms and enter data into computer systems using highly interactive software simulations. Assessment activities are tracked and graded automatically. Instructors are able to view class and individual performance data. Individuals’ completion of training is documented in their training record, and they are able to download personal performance reports and print a certificate of completion.


  • Training for Roadway Inventory Personnel web-based course
  • Competency research report
  • Curriculum analysis report
  • Competency model document
  • Assessment framework
  • Design document and specifications
  • 14 training modules
  • Custom learning management system


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