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The Bureau of Educator Certification at the Florida Department of Education is responsible for evaluating, granting, and maintaining licensure for Florida educators.

In recent years, the bureau had made significant changes to improve the user experience for those using its online licensing services to apply for, update, or renew their Florida teaching certificate. However, some applicants were still arriving at "sticking points" in the application process that interferred with their ability to complete the application independently and caused them to need technical assistance via phone or email from the Bureau of Educator Certification.


The bureau needed tools that would help certification applicants through the sticking points in the online application without making them go through extensive training on the entire system. It was important that the tools be as friendly and engaging as possible so individuals would be willing to use them before they began their application, rather than waiting until they had a problem.


CIMES developed a four-minute video using whiteboard animation to introduce new applicants to the online certification process and help them get past the sticking points. They later added additional videos about the certification renewal application and the application to add a subject or endorsement to an exising certificate.

The videos are fast-paced and include many screen shots and action animations to illustrate specific steps in the application process. They also employs music, animated characters, and humor to keep viewers engaged throughout their brief run times.



  • 4-minute animated video for individuals applying online for initial educator certification
  • 6-minute animated video for indiiduals applying online to renew their educator certification
  • 7-minute animated video for individuals applying online to add a subject area or endorsement to their educator certification


Florida Department of Education - Bureau of Educator Certification 


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