Florida Department of Health Mandatory Training

The Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Personnel & Human Resource Management, is responsible for providing training to new and continuing staff on policies, procedures, and practices to maximize achievement of the department’s mission and goals.

Required training includes nine courses for new, onboarding employees on topics such as the Code of Ethics, information security, and sexual harassment. The series also includes two refresher courses for continuing employees that touch on the topics covered in greater depth in the new-employee training.

The courses are provied to employees via the department's learning management system Florida TRAIN.


The existing versions of these 11 courses are out-of-date in terms of content, design, and features. They were developed as PowerPoint presentations and provide very limited opportunities for learner engagement and enhancements such as narration and music.

The department needs to be able to offer up-to-date training content in a dynamic and learner-centric format that will maximize learning and retention of the vital content included in these courses. The content itself also needs to be updated to match current practices and policies.


The Florida Department of Health contracted with CIMES to develop new versions of these courses in two phases. The first phase covers the two annual refresher courses; the second phase will cover all the courses designed for new employees.

The courses are being developed in Articulate software and exported for inclusion in Florida TRAIN.

The project began with exploratory meetings, followed by analysis of the scope of the content and the needs of the targeted learners, and content research. That was followed by development of a detailed content outline and then a storyboard that presents the onscreen text and images, interactive features and learner engagments, learning checks, and narration script for each course.


This set of training materials includes web-based courses with live actor narration, computer narration, images, instruction, learning actitivities, learning checks, and other features. The courses will be provided to employeees via the Florida Department of Health's learning management system, Florida TRAIN:

  • 2 refresher courses that continuing employees must complete on an annual basis

  • 9 courses for new, onboarding employees:

    • Course 3: Code of Ethics

    • Course 4: Information Security Section 1

    • Course 5: Information Security Section 2

    • Course 6: Preparedness Orientation

    • Course 7: Equal Opportunity

    • Course 8: Violence Free Workplace

    • Course 9: Sexual Harassment

    • Course 10: Workplace Safety

    • Course 11: Customer Focus

  • Design document that outlines the look and feel and the functional features of the series of courses, including FDOH branding and technical specifications for deployment of the courses


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