Training on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Shared Hope International is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking through a three-pronged approach–prevention, restoration, and justice services. They serve first responders and other service providers, survivors, stakeholders, and advocates. The provision of high-quality training resources is one strategy to accomplish their mission and goals.

Shared Hope provides a wide variety of impactful trainings and resources related to sex trafficking, and especially domestic minor sex trafficking—including face to-face training and web-based courses.


The Shared Hope website currently offers four main web-based courses of varying lengths, from about 2 to 6 hours. However, the organization believes their target audiences would benefit from more focused training that delivers core content, engages learners directly, impacts their service provision, and lead them to participate in further training, including large-scale in-person events.The content of the existing courses also needs to be updated, and the functioning and overall look and feel of the courses need to be modernized.

Shared Hope also has developed a new guide on victim-offender intersectionality that is to become the basis of an entirely new web-based training.


Shared Hope decided to work with CIMES to integrate the content of these four courses into two new 90-minute web-based trainings. CIMES will combine two existing web-based trainings, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Gang Trap, which togather form about 5 hours of training, into one new 90-minute course that provides introductory content to a wide variety of audiences.

CIMES will also combine two other courses, I-CARE and Intervene, which together constitute about 8 hours of training, into one new 90-minute course that provides next-step content focusing on serving survivors that have complex trauma, including differentiated information for healthcare providers and other providers, such as advocates and social workers. Together these solutions will meet the goal of streamling the existing four web-based courses.

Finally, CIMES will develop an entirely new 90-minute web-based course on victim-offender intersectionality that provides advanced training for professionals in this field.


Three 90-minute web-based trainings:
• Course 1, which is a new combination of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Gang Trap
• Course 2, which is a new combination of I-CARE and Intervene
• Course 3, a new training on victim-offender intersectionality


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