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Where experience and innovation come together, problems find solutions and challenges become a springboard for success. When your organization is ready to take the leap forward, look to the experience and innovation at the Center for Information Management and Educational Services.

CIMES is an award-winning multidisciplinary consulting center based at Florida State University. Since 1978, we have developed cost-effective solutions for public and private agencies that want to train their employees more effectively, share information and resources with their community more productively, and communicate with their stakeholders more meaningfully. We are a proven problem solver in industries such as public health, education, transportation, and agriculture.

CIMES does more than provide products and services–we transform complex needs into simple solutions. We help organizations solve modern information and training challenges.

We have been nationally recognized for our state-of-the art products and services:

  • Information and knowledge management—developing and implementing strategies to address your information management challenges
  • Web application development—designing customized systems with optimal flexibility, from concept to implementation and support
  • Learning experience design—producing effective instructional media using the design-thinking approach
  • Creative and interactive media production—creating interactive media solutions that communicate your message effectively

CIMES is the one-stop source for integrated information-communication solutions. We work on time and in budget. We get it right. Our clients come back.

State agencies in Florida can sole-source contract with CIMES, saving the time and expense of bidding procedures. CIMES also serves public, private, and nonprofit organizations beyond Florida.

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Let us transform your need into a customized solution.

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