Traffic Forecasting Training

Traffic analysts at the Florida Department of Transportation help plan for the maintenance and future construction of state roadway systems. The FDOT needed to create a more standardized process for traffic forecasting by implementing a common training course across all Florida districts.


The various districts in Florida had been conducting their own localized training. In order to standardize the training, a common set of competencies needed to be identified. These competencies would inform subsequent training development and assessment for full-time traffic analysts and consultants.


CIMES carried out a four-month research project using techniques that included a job task analysis, focus groups, office observations, and in-depth interviews. This process culminated in the generation of a preliminary competency model that was validated by a team of traffic analyst experts. Twelve cases at varying degrees of difficulty and in various project types were identified to be part of a scenario-based training approach. Tasks, knowledge, procedures, skills, tools, and other critical elements were identified for each case. The new training requires learners to perform all the tasks needed to produce a traffic forecast report for each case.


  • Project Traffic Forecasting 101 web-based course
  • Competency research report
  • Competency model document
  • Usability report
  • Final report


Florida Department of Transportation - Transportation Data Analytics Office


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