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Reliable information is the key to making sound decisions. Our information and knowledge management services are backed by years of experience developing information strategies and planning the systems to support them.

We provide comprehensive services for the identification, acquisition, organization, development, and dissemination of information and resources for any industry or initiative. We also work hand-in-hand with our web application team to develop, implement, and operate efficient and reliable systems to help you manage your information.

Information Collection and Analysis

It’s true—we are content geeks! Our information experts conduct a comprehensive search to identify, acquire, and analyze all the materials and information needed to achieve your research and development goals.

CIMES works with you to develop and implement a strategic plan for managing content to support the life cycle of information within your enterprise.

Our team helps you develop and operate a clearinghouse or resource center to build capacity and facilitate your work, providing a turnkey solution that can be an important part of your outreach strategy.

Quality is your priority, so we help you design and manage a system for identifying, collecting, evaluating, and disseminating best practices for your initiative.

We craft a library collection-development plan that encompasses selection, maintenance, classification, cataloging, indexing, and circulation practices and policies. Then we help you implement your plan by building a web-based system that integrates collection development, management, and circulation.

A CIMES information audit evaluates the effectiveness of your existing information system or network. We look at your current information processes, identify needs within your organization, and make recommendations for future development.


Let us transform your need into a customized solution.

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