Infection Control Training

The Bureau of Epidemiology at the Florida Department of Health works with county health departments to assess public health and intervene in public health crises. The Health Care-Associated Infections Prevention Program partners with stakeholders across Florida to support best practices in infection prevention. The bureau needed training on best practices for nursing staff members, including both registered nurses and nursing assistants, in three types of settings: acute care hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, and nursing homes.


The sponsor needed training that included a common overview for all audiences and subsequent modules tailored to specific audience contexts and requirements.


CIMES developed web-based training that included an overview of infection control with a focus on hand hygiene, isolation precautions, personal protective equipment, and immunizations. The overview was followed by audience-specific training for nurses and nursing assistants in the three care environments. The modules presented topic-based training and concluded with assessment questions that allowed learners to measure their progress at the end of each module.


  • Infection Control web-based training (for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants in various healthcare settings)


Florida Department of Health - Bureau of Infection Control


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