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The Bureau of Educator Certification at the Florida Department of Education is responsible for evaluating, granting, and maintaining licensure for Florida educators. The bureau offers its certification partners in Florida’s school districts training and other resources to assist with their responsibilities related to certification and licensure. In 2017, the bureau launched a new software system, called Versa, to handle its licensing processes and needed to provide training on the system to school district personnel and bureau staff.


The bureau needed to train a large number of employees on the new system in a relatively short amount of time. In order to accomplish this goal, they needed multi-modal training materials that would provide information at various levels of granularity, as appropriate for various audiences.


CIMES developed web-based training, video demos, and print-based job aids to prepare current and new employees to use the Versa system. The training module orients users to new terminology and basic procedures in the Versa system. The videos provide quick demonstrations of common procedures, while the job aids give employees step-by-step instructions.


  • Versa Training for District Partners (web-based)
  • Demo videos
  • 5 print-based job aids


Florida Department of Education - Bureau of Educator Certification 


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