Highway Performance Monitoring System

The Florida Department of Transportation collects data for a national-level information system known as the Highway Performance Monitoring System. That system includes data on the extent, performance, use, and characteristics of the nation’s highways. These data are collected by Roadway Characteristics Inventory technicians around Florida. The FDOT was seeking ways to provide training and automatically track competency-based performance for these technicians.


The training needed to present authentic scenarios for technicians to learn the process, procedures, tools, and software application used to collect and maintain the data. The scenarios needed to be reasonably complex and to require somewhat sophisticated solutions, engaging learners and requiring them to use decision-making skills and make some judgment calls.


CIMES worked closely with the Highway Performance Monitoring System expert to identify the knowledge, processes, procedures, skills, and aptitudes technicians need to perform the data collection tasks. The team also identified areas of ambiguity that could be used to highlight common errors and misconceptions. CIMES then developed web-based training that includes scenarios with multiple solutions and assessments that provide rich feedback to help model behavior, deepen understanding, and promote transfer of learning.


  • Training for Roadway Inventory Personnel web-based training


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