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The Open Doors Outreach Network was launched by Voices for Florida in 2016 as part of a coordinated effort to address service gaps for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Through a network of partner organizations, ODON provides a coordinated system of care that is supported by trauma-competent best practices and translational research. The Open Doors model uses teams that consist of a survivor-mentor, a regional advocate, and a clinician. The network’s goal is to bring ODON to all counties in Florida. This created urgent training needs for its service partners, staff, and team members who work directly with the victims.


ODON’s vision is to provide top-quality training for partner organizations and their teams of survivor-mentors, clinicians, and regional advocates. The training seeks to develop knowledge and skills that ensure fidelity to ODON’s service model, leading to standardized quality care regardless of location. The dispersed geographical locations of the partner organizations make it a challenge to provide frequent face-to-face trainings for participants. At the same time, the development of competencies in complex skills such as communication, empathy, and working with trauma victims requires personal interaction in the form of mentoring and coaching.


CIMES developed a web-based orientation module to introduce Voices for Florida, ODON, its service model, and what was expected of partner organizations. This training lays the groundwork for the face-to-face unified and cohort trainings provided in Tallahassee by network leadership. The module was updated in 2022 to reflect the network's current protocols and practices.


  • Open Doors Outreach Network 101 web-based training for network providers and outreach team members (updated in 2022)


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