Nebraska Tobacco Resource and Information Network

The Division of Health Promotion and Tobacco at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for preventative and community health programs and services, such as Tobacco Free Nebraska, which works to promote a healthier lifestyle and a truly tobacco-free environment. CIMES created the Tobacco Resource Information Network to help the division better support the effectiveness of programs and services implemented by local grantees as part of the Tobacco Free Nebraska initiative.


The Division of Health Promotion and Tobacco needed reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly systems for managing contracts with local grantees and providing shared access to best practices and products developed by those grantees.


CIMES developed a multi-level information/program/business management system called the Tobacco Resource and Information Network to support the management of local grantees. CIMES also created the Tobacco Free Nebraska Virtual Clearinghouse, where local grantees upload materials, products, events, and information alerts they have developed to share with other grantees, communities, and families across the state—thereby reducing duplication of effort and maximizing resources.



  • Tobacco Resource and Information Network (passcode-protected contract management system)
  • Tobacco Free Nebraska Virtual Clearinghouse
  • Public website
  • Coalition site administration
  • Coalition work plan



Nebraska Health and Human Services - Tobacco Free Nebraska


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