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The California Department of Public Health, Tobacco Control Program funds a library and clearinghouse as part of their mission to reduce tobacco use in California. CIMES developed Rover, an integrated, web-based library portal designed to provide all the tools necessary for effective management and access to information and resources organized and published by the Tobacco Control Section Library and the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California. Rover is a robust and integrated information system and CMS that allows the staff to manage every facet of their content. Rover incorporates tools for managing the materials catalog, circulation, patrons, reference, distribution channels, search and data sets, as well as the library website. CIMES has been hosting and maintaining Rover since 2007.


The clearinghouse had a proprietary, stand-alone catalog system and very few other technology systems for supporting their primary work. 


Create an integrated and highly customized information, cataloging, and publishing system that allows the small clearinghouse staff to manage the vast amount of information and resources, add value, and serve their customers.


Rover integrated library website and content management system:

  • Catalog
  • Circulation
  • Patron directory
  • Reference
  • Distribution channels
  • Searching and data sets
  • System management tools 
  • Patron tools and services


California Department of Public Health - California Tobacco Control Program


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