Florida Tobacco Control Clearinghouse

The mission of the Division of Health Awareness and Tobacco at the Florida Department of Health was to reduce the use of tobacco products in Florida. The division had taken the lead in Tobacco Free Florida programs and partnerships, but needed to re-envision its systems to maximize resources, ensure accountability, and promote collaboration among its partners across Florida. CIMES created the Florida Tobacco Control Clearinghouse and several other important tools to help the division make progress toward those goals.


The Division of Health Awareness and Tobacco needed a means to more efficiently manage partnerships with the 67 health districts in Florida. Partner contracts were being submitted, reviewed, and negotiated using Microsoft Word files, which was cumbersome and time consuming. The division also needed to be able to communicate and share resources effectively with all partners.


CIMES created a centralized, web-based resource center, the Florida Tobacco Control Clearinghouse, and related resources to support the division’s information management and communication needs in the areas of:

  • Customized information systems development and maintenance
  • Data management
  • Website development and hosting
  • Outreach to division staff, district partners, law enforcement


  • Florida Information and Reporting System for Tobacco (online contract management system)
  • Students Working Against Tobacco
  • Local partnership websites
  • Chat and discussion boards
  • Virtual resource center
  • Lending library collection, storage, and management
  • Newsletter
  • Resource guides and bibliographies
  • Reference and referral services


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