California Online Tobacco Information System

The California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, leads statewide and local health programs, services, and activities that promote a truly tobacco-free environment. CIMES developed the Online Tobacco Information System to provide management of all content and processes, delivering a truly paperless management system for its users. The system manages incoming grant applications, review, negotiation, progress reporting, and fiscal reporting for more than 20 grants encompassing over 300 individual projects at any given time. OTIS also includes a project directory, directory of local program evaluators, out-of-state travel approval, subcontractor approval, a financial tracking tool, web-based training modules, job aids, and numerous reports tailored to user needs. CIMES has been providing hosting, maintenance, and ongoing expansion and modification to OTIS since 2001.


Over the years, CIMES has helped the California Tobacco Control Program meet many challenges. The initial and ongoing challenge was the management of information and business processes associated with numerous competitive and non-competitive grants. This was originally a paper-based process that created significant delays and costs associated with travel and communications. Additional challenges involved the expanding need to support additional business processes reliant on data collected and managed via the Online Tobacco Information System and an ongoing need for up-to-date training for new and infrequent users.


CIMES created an integrated and highly customized information and business management system to handle the grant application, review, issuance, and reporting process. The system combines information and manages work flows across multiple types of users throughout the varying stages of the lifecycle of the grants. Through improved data collection and organization, processing times were improved, communication was increased, and the amount of travel required to manage the program was reduced.


  • Planning, collaboration, and communication systems:
    • Calendar
    • Contact directory
    • Project directory
    • Local program evaluator directory
    • Help system (FAQs, web-based training, job aids)
    • Announcements
    • Communication log
    • Data API
    • Online manual/help guides
    • QuickStart videos for staff and applicants
  • Procurement systems:
    • Plan/application submission
    • Peer review and scoring
    • Plan/application approval
    • Plan revisions
    • Progress report
    • Cost report
    • Contract information
    • Out-of-state travel approvals
    • Subcontract agreement approvals
    • Reviewer database
    • System-wide, procurement-wide, and contract reports
  • System management tools:
    • Procurement administration
    • Users administration
    • Agency administration
    • Content management tools
    • Updated user interface (2018-19)


California Department of Public Health - California Tobacco Control Program


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