Tobacco Control Funding Opportunities and Resources

The California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, leads statewide and local health programs, services, and activities that promote a tobacco-free environment. CIMES developed the Tobacco Control Funding Opportunities and Resources site to consolidate access to the information, tools, and resources applicants need to identify funding opportunities and prepare applications for the California Tobacco Control Program. The site also contains searchable directories of active projects and project evaluators, along with links to important websites.

The site gives the California Tobacco Control Program a content management system to create, publish, manage, and archive the eligibility requirements, contract documents, and resources necessary for each funding opportunity. Applicants use the system to submit their letter of intent to apply and to obtain user account information in order to initiate grant or proposal applications in California’s Online Tobacco Information System, which was also developed and is maintained by CIMES.


The information about and process of applying for funding was disjointed across multiple sites, and the California Tobacco Control Program lacked integrated management tools to move users from the initial intent to apply into the application itself.


CIMES created a consolidated site that allows the California Tobacco Control Program to publish and manage the funding opportunities that support its mission, while also smoothing the process for agencies and giving them needed support and resources to prepare their applications.



  • Tobacco Control Funding Opportunities and Resources site
  • Funding opportunities content management system
  • Project directory public search tools
  • Local program evaluator registry and directory
  • Website links content management system


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