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The Florida ExpertNet portal is where public and private enterprises throughout the world access information about Florida’s university-based research and talent. ExpertNet is a web-based knowledge management system that provides a searchable network of experts in hundreds of centers and institutes and thousands of individual faculty members all across Florida's research universities. 

Florida ExpertNet was the first system of its kind and is a national and international leader in expert finder systems. In 2019, ExpertNet was an organizing sponsor and the state host of the inaugural National Forum on Expert Finder Systems, held in Orlando, Florida.


Before the development of Florida ExpertNet, someone looking for specific expertise had to go to each university’s own website, because no single interface provided a comprehensive overview of available expertise across Florida’s research universities. The private and public sectors in Florida needed a centralized portal to assist in identifying expertise to solve problems and create collaborative opportunities. The system needed to capture the research expertise contained within Florida's universities (approximately 6,000 principal investigators, 60,000 funded projects, and 500 centers and institutes).


Florida ExpertNet, a portal of applied research expertise all across Florida's universities, was the solution. The web-based system employs a knowledge management system and content management system, along with a research taxonomy to manage content. Web crawlers and import tools collect data from the university partners across the state.

CIMES received a two-year grant award from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Agency, to enhance Florida ExpertNet for business and industry.



Florida ExpertNet website, knowledge management system, and content management system with the following information modules:

  • Experts
  • Projects
  • Speakers
  • Centers
  • Technologies
  • Innovation exchange


State University System of Florida Board of Governors


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2013 Innovation Award, National Association of Development Organizations


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