Freight Forecasting Data Management

The Transportation Statistics Office was preparing for new responsibilities related to acquiring, storing, and maintaining a more comprehensive and varied body of transportation data, including freight data and data associated with other transportation modes, such as maritime and air. TranStat needed a complete, detailed picture of the types of data available—along with acquisition, storage, and maintenance strategies appropriate for those data. TranStat also needed to identify potential tasks related to the new data and prospective candidates to perform those tasks.


 A thorough analysis of all facets of information related to freight forecasting was needed, along with recommendations for effective strategies to manage Florida’s freight data. The size and complexity of the different modes of transportation in Florida and their associated data made this particularly challenging.


CIMES researched freight data monitoring needs, identified data sources and providers, and conducted an audit of data and quality assurance practices. CIMES researched best practices with regard to data storage and maintenance and developed a strategy for data acquisition, storage, maintenance, and quality assurance, along with role-based data access, delivery, and reporting specifications. CIMES also researched the feasibility of developing a geographic information systems component for the data.



  • Strategy for managing data resources
  • Needs analysis report
  • Information audit report
  • Database of findings
  • Summary of findings  
  • Resource guide
  • Summary of best practices 
  • GIS component feasibility summary report


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