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The Motion web portal was created for the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts as a program management system. The MPA previously had a system with no documentation for future support and development. CIMES created a custom integrated role-based portal for managing people, assessments, courses, and projects.  


The challenge was the integration of a very complex process for assigning students and resources to develop hundreds of projects (films) a year. 


CIMES created an application that is reliable, easy to maintain and update, and based on a unified and integrated infrastructure that is scalable. The application provides end-users with system management interfaces to collect, manage, track, and report project and assessment information. The application includes the following modules:

  • Directories of people (students, alumni, faculty, industry)
  • Directories of projects (in-production and post-production tracking)
  • Assessment tools (students, faculty, industry)
  • Audition intake and selection
  • Dashboards (dean, administration, faculty, students, industry)
  • Reports
  • System management (project management, user management, survey management)


  • Web interface, database, and content management system


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