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The Language and Culture Center at the University of Houston provides an immersive English language program for international students. Due to the specific needs of their students and the types of courses and services offered, the center has had to develop its own business management software over the years, rather than being able to take advantage of the university’s standard systems. As a result, their application, registration, evaluation, grading, and billing systems all evolved separately. UHLCC approached CIMES to redesign and combine all of these programs into one central hub.


UHLCC needed to bring all its business management processes together into one system that gives all users the access and tools they need to accomplish the tasks specific to their roles.


CIMES worked with UHLCC to develop a centralized business management system that addresses all of the center’s application, registration, evaluation, grading, billing, and related processes. In phase one of the project, CIMES completed a highly detailed analysis of UHLCC’s business processes. Phase two included engineering the actual system, migrating the database, and training UHLCC staff.


  • System specifications/documentation
  • Design mockups
  • System prototype
  • Website
  • SQL database
  • myUHLCC information management system
  • Secure hosting and server maintenance
  • Job aids
  • Training workshops
  • Ongoing system maintenance


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