CIMES Supports Launch of Brazilian Research Information System

In the summer of 2023, the executive director and assistant director of CIMES presented about ExpertNet and the evolving field of expert finder and research information management systems at the launch event for the Brazilian Scientific Research Information Ecosystem. BrCris is an aggregator platform that enables users to retrieve, certify, and visualize data related to scientific research in the Brazilian context. The system is an example of a current research information system, or CRIS.

CIMES has been a leader in the development and operation of expert finder and research information management systems for more than two decades. In 1999, CIMES debuted Florida ExpertNet, one of the first such systems to enable users to identify research expertise, inventions, technologies, and other resources across multiple universities.

The CIMES team discussed the history of Florida ExpertNet and recent efforts to establish a community of practice for professionals working with these systems as they expand around the world. To this end, CIMES staff have had leading roles in creating and presenting the International Forum on Expert Finder Systems in 2019, 2021, and 2023.

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