English Language Institutes Benefit from New Business Management Systems

English language institutes serve students with different needs than students in the universities’ general curriculum. Their application, registration, evaluation, grading, and billing systems may not be a good fit with the universities’ standard systems either, so many of these institutes develop their own systems, which tend to evolve separately over time, not be integrated with each other, and not be as user-friendly or efficient as they should be.

CIMES originally developed an integrated business management system called myCIES for the Center for Intensive English Studies at Florida State University. That system, which brings together application, registration, evaluation, grading, and billing processes with a user-friendly interface, was so successful that CIMES has since developed customized systems for the University of Florida (myELI) and the University of Houston (myUHLCC) as well. These systems offer students, faculty, and staff streamlined processes and rapid response times to better meet their needs.

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