As a strategic partner with our clients, CIMES has completed hundreds of projects since 1992, that span many disciplines within the areas of information management and technology clearinghouses, instructional design and training, and marketing and product development.

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California Department of Health Services

OTIS, Rover, and TCFOR System Support

Florida Department of Agriculture and Environmental Services

Division of Food Safety

Recall Audit Checks - FDA Form 3177: WBT Development

Florida Department of Education

Bureau of Educator Certification 

Educator Certification Online Partnership Training

Florida Department of Health

Bureau of Environmental Health

Florida Environmental Public Health Tracking: Training

Radon Manual & Course Support Services

Bureau of Epidemiology

Epi-CORE WBT Course 101

Instructional Design Services And Training Support for Conference Preparation

Bureau of Infection Control

Infection Control Practices - Training Development

Bureau of Preparedness

Emergency Support Function 8: Training Development

Florida Department of Transportation

Transportal Web Hosting & Support Services

Florida State University

Center for Intensive English Studies

MyCIES Portal Hosting and Maintenance (2017)

MyCIES Portal Hosting and Maintenance (2018)

College of Medicine

College of Medicine Web Hosting and Maintenance

College of Medicine Website Design, CMS Development, and Support Services

College of Motion Picture Arts

Motion Picture Portal Hosting and Maintenance

Nebraska Health and Human Services

Tobacco Free Nebraska

Tobacco Resource and Information Network (TRAIN) - Web Support Services (2018)

University of Florida

English Language Institute

ELI Integrated Web Portal - Development & Implementation