More Announcements Education--CIMES Develops Web-based Training and Portal for Textbook Adoption

The CIMES instructional design team recently created interactive multimedia learning modules for on-demand, virtual training. These modules include research-based content, self assessments, and simulations for practice.

To deliver the training to statewide users, CIMES developed REALM (Review & Evaluation for Adoption of Learning Materials) a role-based Web portal for the Florida Department of Education. REALM trains members of the Florida State Instructional Materials Committees to review and evaluate materials proposed by publishers for adoption.

REALM provides not only online training but also other tools and features. These include announcements, a glossary, notes, a calendar, e-forums, FAQs, and resources. REALM enables the Florida Department of Education to manage content, training, and users.

If you would like to view the portal go to and register as a Guest.


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