More Announcements FL DOT Rolls Out Web-based Training for Traffic Forecasting

As of this week, the Florida Department of Transportation is using state-of-the-art Web-based training for Traffic Forecasting. Developed by CIMES, this training prepares traffic analysts to use advanced techniques to forecast traffic planning. Traffic planning is a complex set of knowledge, skills, and concepts in traffic engineering and processes. Training participants acquire a mental model enabling them to develop and complete discrete tasks while keeping the overall project in mind. By the time they have completed the training, they have learned to produce a final report for an authentic traffic-planning project.

The training is interactive, based on actual traffic forecasting projects. A virtual senior analyst poses as a mentor, guiding participants through the steps to help them form decision-making judgments. The modules also make intensive use of traffic planning computer applications, map analysis, traffic flows, traffic volume forecasting, and various calculations.


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