More Announcements OTIS Cited in California Performance Measurement Report

The Center for Information, Training, and Evaluation Services (CITES), Information Management and Technology program, won a competitive award in 2000 to develop the Online Tobacco Information System (OTIS) for the California Department of Health. In the recent California Performance Review Report, which received national coverage, OTIS was cited as an example of technology that can further streamline processing of agreements and allocations with their many contractors and vendors. The report recommended that the OTIS serve as a model for the entire California Department of Health. The report underscored how OTIS has improved the quality of plans stating that, “Local lead agencies use OTIS to submit applications online, thereby improving the quality of the submitted plans by guiding users in making correct selections.”

OTIS is a Web-based portal that provides for the following information management functions: grant application submission/revisions; peer review and scoring; multilevel approval; progress and expense reporting; evaluator, materials, and project directories; calendar; tasks; communications; and contract management. In addition to California, CITES has also developed similar cost-effective, customized information management systems for the Florida and Nebraska Departments of Health.

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