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Florida ExpertNet, a publicly funded database of applied research experts and technologies in Florida's universities, is launching the Innovation Exchange. The Exchange is a free, state-wide tool that directly matches business, industry, and economic development organizations with university research faculty, funded projects, centers, technologies, and speakers.

The State University System of Florida has an annual economic impact of nearly $80 billion within the state, according to its 2012 economic impact report. While partnerships often exist between large enterprises and universities, the Innovation Exchange provides businesses of all sizes with customized access to talent and resources. It also has the potential to highlight Florida industries and expertise to businesses in other regions.

“Helping businesses understand what’s available on university campuses is important,” Brian Fairhurst, Special Advisor to the Vice President for Research at Florida State University, said. “Historically, universities have hidden resources that aren’t easily accessible to businesses”.

Florida businesses and industry organizations are encouraged to create a profile on the site, which is already populated with academic experts ready to be matched based on research areas. Growing industries such as Clean Technology, Health Care and Information Technology are the priority targets for this tool. There are also a wide variety of other research topics and industry clusters available.

“Many of our clients in the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program are eager to partner with faculty in the universities for sponsored research, technical expertise and other joint activities. But it can be very intimidating for business owners to navigate the university system. The Innovation Exchange will make it significantly easier for us to help them find the best university partner quickly. We are very excited to have access to this tool,” Carol Ann Dykes, Site Manager, UCF Business Incubator – Central Florida Research Park.

“We are excited about this resource because it is compatible with efforts to maintain sustainable healthcare initiatives…,” Marlene Linders, CEO of Central Florida-based Philders Group Intl Inc., a healthcare consulting company said. She also said that the Innovation Exchange will allow her company to share pertinent information in real time, a critical element in risk management.

Business owners will now automatically receive updates on activity related to defined industry segments, messages from established relationships, and alerts for other information identified as useful based on the user profile. Instead of users having to search for information, the dashboard updates the relevant matches as soon as they’re available.

About Florida ExpertNet and the Center for Information Management and Educational Services The Innovation Exchange is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. Florida ExpertNet is a resource established in 2000 by the CIMES at Florida State University.

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