More Announcements New Web Training Service a Winner with the Client!

As part of its commitment to innovative solutions, CITES found a new way to deliver user training when it recently launched the next generation of the California Online Tobacco Information System (OTIS). From Florida, CITES conducted on-line trainings via the Web, using its recently purchased application, WebMeeting. More than 100 California OTIS users participated in the Web meetings. Instead of traveling to training sites and incurring travel costs, all they needed to do was boot up their computers and let the experts 3,000 miles away deliver the training.

A Web-based survey was conducted after the training and users were overwhelmingly pleased with the training delivery. Here's what one user had to say: "Thanks, TCS [Tobacco Control Section], for being so innovative and using technology to save time and money. If only all the state programs could adopt this habit, think of the potential savings. I think all the TCS trainings should be Web-based. Go TCS! Go FSU!"


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