CIMES Sponsors Virtual Expertise System Symposium for Florida Universities

CIMES will host the Virtual Symposium on Expertise Systems in Florida Universities beginning May 11, 2020.

The symposium series will allow stakeholders to network and explore promising practices, technologies, and data-sharing strategies related to university expertise systems. The event is for entities in Florida’s universities that collect and disseminate information about faculty research, publications, and professional activities.

Many Florida universities maintain expertise and research information management systems—sometimes several in the same institution. Additionally, multiple entities at each university are producers, managers, and consumers of research and scholarly data. These organizations include libraries and faculty advancement, communications, research, industry engagement, and commercialization offices. There is also the statewide research portal for promoting expertise across Florida’s universities—Florida ExpertNet.

One goal of the symposium is to create a community of practice to promote collaboration within and across universities to maximize the value of these systems.

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